US Inequality Data

Impact of the Great Migration on police spending from 1920-2012. Figure from Derenoncourt (2021) "Can you move to opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration."

Public Finance and Neighborhoods Database, 1920-2015

A database of historical and contemporary characteristics of urban, non-southern commuting zones in the US. Topics include

  • Economic characteristics

  • Neighborhood and social characteristics

  • Political and cultural characteristics

  • Incarceration and crime

  • Schools

  • Public finance

  • Population characteristics

Download here. Full documentation coming soon.

Intergenerational mobility curves by race and region, 2015

Can you move to opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration

  • UPDATED replication archive coming SOON. Copies of US Census Bureau city government employment database and finances of individual governments database available here and here.

Racial inequality in the labor market, 1950-2017

Minimum wages and racial inequality (with C. Montialoux):


  • Minimum Wage database (1950-1980): minimum wages by state, industry, month, year for men (.xlsx), and women (.xlsx)

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Wage Reports: raw data 1960s (.html) and 1970-1979 (.html)

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Wage Reports: digitized data for laundries, hotels, restaurants & nursing homes (.dta), schools (.dta), and hospitals (.dta) by gender, area, region & occupation, and average wages data for both industries covered in 1938 and 1967 (.dta)

  • Complete raw data: March CPS, U.S. decennial censuses, BLS industry wage reports, CPI-U-RS series, minimum wage databases, etc. (.html)

Replication archive:

  • Complete data, programs, tables, figures & tex files: Working Paper, main and appendix tables and figures, raw and output data & programs (.html)